Netflix releases new ‘Gilmore Girls’ featurette


Netflix released this new featurette, which has the stars of the show sharing some of their favourite memories, as well as taking fans through a brief retelling of what the show was. Throughout the 7 sevens of the show, there were many heartwarming moments, some made you smile, some made you cry, and others just made you flat-out laugh. Fans of this show, know that it is unlike any other. Whether it be the pace, the language, the characters or even the town of Stars Hallow itself, it is something very special and holds a place in the hearts of fans.

That was why the news of the revival was so exciting, especially when it was said that the original creators Amy Sherman – Palladino and her husband Daniel Palladino, were the ones returning to make it happen. I personally loved the seventh season, but that is not shared by many, as the two creators were not the ones to finish out the series. And Amy has always said that she envisioned the show ending with 4 words, but fans have never known what they would be, until now. With this revival, we will finally get to see their personal vision for the lives of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.

This featurette includes small interviews with many of the beloved cast, three of which are the ex boyfriends of Rory Gilmore, Dean (Jared Padelecki), Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) and Logan (Matt Czuchry). Each one expressed the joy of returning to the show, and being around the same group of people. Although one thing that people may have noticed, was Logan’s unique outfit. It is unclear as to why he would be wearing something such as that, but it can only logically be related to the ‘Life and Death Brigade,’ especially since we do know that his friends Colin and Finn will also be returning for the revival; as well as the beginning of the featurette, is a scene from Rory’s first moment in the ‘Life and Death Brigade.’ Logan seems to be playing the biggest role out of the three, seeing as he will be returning for all four episodes, whereas Jess will be in three, and Dean will be only in one.

The video also features Scott Patterson who plays Lake Danes, as he recounts his first scene and just knowing that it was going to work, the show was going to be something special. As well as Keiko Agena, who plays Lane, where she talks about the fast talking of the show, which is now referred to as “Gilmore Pace.” Liza Weil who plays Paris and Sean Gunn who plays Kirk also appear in the featurette to describe the connections and bonds they still feel to the show.

And then there are the three leading ladies who make their own beloved appearances, Lauren Graham who plays the quick witted Lorelai Gilmore, Alexis Bledel who plays the intelligent and independent Rory Gilmore and lastly Emily Bishop who plays the family matriarch Emily Gilmore.

Each of them express the fond memories they have of doing the show and how wonderful it has been to revisit those characters. Bledel says that each character was “very thoughtfully cast”, which is what brought the show to life. Bishop says about the show, “Its fun, its good writing, there is a sweetness to it.” And all of which are things that helped create the massive following that it has. And Graham says that “it just captures people’s imagination.”

Those three women are going to be the center of the four episode revival, and its going to be very sad to watch the show take place without Richard Gilmore. But that is the purpose. The revival will give the late Edward Hermann a proper goodbye, as well as propel the lives of the three Gilmore’s into completely new territory. He was the pillar of the family, he was the calming force that held everyone together at times; so it will be interesting to see how the three can cope with the loss of such a great man.

There is only a little over a month away now before the world will be able to have their hearts recaptured by the Gilmore Girls brand new adventure.

The revival is set to premiere on Netflix November 25th 2016.


The Walking Dead: Season 7 premiere sneak peek


This weekend, at the massive New York City Comic Con, ‘The Walking Dead’ cast and crew took part in a panel located in Madison Square Gardens, to talk about the upcoming season 7, and release a sneak peek (which you can watch above) to the premiere, that will keep everyone chatting for the next two weeks. So lets dive in.

This sneak peek is 3:35 in length, and shows only a scene between fan favorite Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and the new big bad, Negan, played by the talented Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Fans took insult to how the season 6 finale ended, with the cliffhanger of knowing that Negan has killed a beloved character, but having the identity of said character not revealed. It has been a long wait, much longer than just the 6 months since the finale ended; fans have been speculating since the beginning of the sixth season, when rumors started to swirl about the Saviors coming into the show. And especially after Glenn’s “fake-out” death early last season, majority of the debate revolved around whether they would stick to the obvious and kill Glenn; just as Kirkman did in the iconic issue #100 of the comics,  or if they would go a different route.

And to be honest, it seems to be 50/50 for fans, on whether or not it will be Glenn. But now, with the release of this sneak peek, fans will have something new to obsess over (myself included) for the next two weeks until we can finally discover the identity in the season 7 premiere on October 23rd.

Now, as a fan of the comics, and a beloved fan of Glenn Rhee, I have been hoping that Glenn will be spared in this particular situation. And yes, although I am fairly certain that they may stick to the comics due to the iconic nature of it, there are also other possibilities.

This particular video really is trying to sway the fans into panicking about the death being Daryl Dixon; and as everyone knows “If Daryl dies, we riot. ” So, that being said, they could be trying to steer fans away from who it actually might be. This video, Negan talks about his “right hand man” and asks Rick if he killed his right hand; which would be Daryl, as well as the fact that when they pan down to the blood on the ground, the blanket that Daryl had covering him is laying there. There is also the fact, that a while back they released a sneak peek for the next season which showed Dwight riding Daryl’s motorbike and wearing his vest, causing fans to panic. So in my personal opinion, those are to obvious of clues, meaning Daryl is most likely safe.

Now, I have thought this for some time, and I think this trailer may have proved my theory, and that is, that more than one person will die in the premiere. This upcoming episode is meant to shatter fans, and establish right off the bat what kind of villain Negan will be, and that is a terrifying one, one like they have never encountered before. So if they do decide to swap out Glenn, then they will have to take out more than one person. Glenn holds such a place in the hearts of both fans and the characters on the show; he is their moral compass, and their beacon of hope. So killing him would shatter them, propelling the story line for many; so who else holds enough love that they would cause the same impact?

Yes, Daryl, but he has not played a big part in the last while so I’m taking him off the list. Michonne, also a yes, but considering they just solidified that relationship with Rick, I also doubt its her. So my other guess aside from Glenn, is that they will kill both Maggie and Abraham.

Abraham is a strong force in the group, not to mention they spent a lot of time building his story last season. He realized what he wanted, he came back from the brink and he admitted that he was ready to move forward with Sasha, as much as saying that he would consider having a child with her. He also rose up on his knees to Negan. Negan will know that he can not control Abraham, it wont matter what he threatens, so if he is wanting them to work for him and be afraid enough to stay in submission to his rule, then he will take out Abraham. He is to much of a threat. Also he is someone who can be considered a “right hand man” of Rick’s, not to mention he is directly on Rick’s right hand side.

The reason I also think Maggie, is because she would be the most jarring to the audience. Maggie has stayed a good person throughout the entirety of the show; her and Glenn have established a hope for the rest of the characters, especially with their being pregnant. This last season, they spent a lot of time building Maggie up for great things, like taking over Hilltop (which is what she does in the comics). So what would happen if they killed her? Glenn would crumble, and along with him, everyone else’s hope, it would immediately establish just how villainous Negan is, by killing a woman who is not only pregnant, but potentially having a miscarriage and is already in a weakened state. Her death would create a ripple effect through the group, and how everyone will deal with the effects of that could be very  interesting. Especially to watch how much Glenn could change in the aftermath of his wife and babies death.

I have also seen the rumor floating around that Rick will lose his hand by his own hatchet in the RV. In the comic books, Rick’s hand is cut off by the Governor when they first meet, so will that particular scene have been saved for the intro of Negan, just to prove even more so how terrible the man is? It is in interesting theory, and I for one am so excited to see what happens in the premiere.

Because all that we know as of right now, is that Rick is going to kill Negan:

“Not today, not tomorrow, but im gonna kill you”

Those words are the promise of a broken Rick. As exciting as this trailer is, it is also heartbreaking knowing that this scene takes place moments after a beloved character has been killed in the most brutal of ways. It will be fascinating to see what this does to Rick. We have seen him go through almost every version of himself, from strong leader, to dictator, to crazy, to complacent farmer and then to a overally cocky leader, only to have every ounce of confidence stripped away in that last episode. How will Rick survive this, and will he get blamed for the death? Does he deserve to get blamed? And will he lose the respect of his own people?

We have two more weeks to wait until possibly the best season of the series begins.

What are all of your thoughts? Who do you think the victim or victims will be?



Gilmore Girls: Why being “Team Logan” is not such a bad thing

With the ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’, premiere date quickly approaching, I thought I would take a moment to write about why some people may have misjudged Rory’s final boyfriend of the original series, Logan Huntzberger (give me a moment before judging.) Ever since the revival was announced, and the excitement of the news of each boyfriend making a return, fans immediately jumped into which team they are on, Team Dean, Jess or Logan.

Unfortunately for Dean, he has been taken out of the running for who Rory should end up with in the end, that is, if she does choose to be with one of her original boyfriends at all. Dean and Rory, as good as they may have been for each other at the time, just didn’t have enough of the same goals to make it work. Then there was Jess, and don’t get me wrong, I love Jess, so he would also be a great match for her. But when they were together, they were unfortunately in two different places, but by the time we saw Jess for the  last time they were almost a perfect match…almost.

There is a very good argument to be made that Rory and Jess would be a great end goal, but I think there is also an argument to be made for Logan. He was not always perfect, not by any means, but he has a lot of qualities that balanced Rory. Yet since the show has ended, there seems to be a lot of fans who don’t like Logan, and especially now that there is the potential that the two could end up together in the end. So here are some reasons as to why I think they could work:

1. Their first encounter was unlike the previous two:

Their first meeting was unlike any other first meeting with Rory’s prior boyfriends, he made her uncomfortable, not intrigued. And not uncomfortable in a creepy way, but he challenged her rather than chase her. Dean and Jess were always in competition for her. Logan however made Rory chase him; now yes, some can say that is why they don’t like him, but Logan was never the person to cater to anyone. He pushed her to try new things and step outside of her comfort zone; his prerogative was not to spend his time running after a women who only knew how to be chased.

2. Logan allowed Rory to see a new side of herself:

Dean wanted Rory to be a stay at home wife, and Jess wanted Rory to run away with him, to live a life where they would probably struggle (not that that’s a bad thing if that is what she wanted), but Logan gave Rory a different option, and one that I think she really loved. Logan came from a life of privilege, and Rory came from a background where her mother worked her way up from nothing, always steering her away from a privileged life.

Yet Rory seemed to fit in quite well into that lifestyle when Logan opened the door into it. She had always seemed to be intrigued by what that life could be, when she finally got the chance to connect with her grandparents, and she jumped right in with Logan. He offered a different life and she never appeared to be scared of it the way her mother was, being one of the few differences between them.

3. He was supportive of her own independence:

Dean smothered Rory, and Jess made her question what she thought she wanted (when they were dating, not later) but Logan was almost the perfect balance for her. He never smothered her, he never questioned her ambitions, in fact he supported them and always tried to help her in any way he could. While they dated, he never expected or asked Rory to change, they each just continued to do things they loved, and fit each other into their lives quite seamlessly.

4. He allowed Rory to be immature:

Before going to college, Rory was the epitome of the perfect kid, she never rebelled, except maybe the one time she got in a car accident with Jess. But Logan brought out the immature side of Rory, which is something I think she desperately needed. She obviously went way overboard at times (stealing a boat!) but she had fun, she went to parties and embraced a different side to life. She never changed who she was, but she did begin to understand that being a “party person” didn’t mean that she couldn’t still be her. He allowed her to shed her preconceived ideas of people she had judged her whole life.

He was always a constant reminder for her to live life to the fullest. Now, he of course took things to far at times, but throughout the course of their relationship, Rory really opened up and began trying new things.

5. They had the most in common:

Rory and Dean didn’t have much in common, Jess however, they shared a lot, his love of reading and music is what drew Rory to him in the first place. Yet Logan, I personally think had the most in common with Rory. He matched her intellectually and challenged her in debates, he worked on the paper, he was well read, well-travelled and towards the end was incredibly ambitious; and even though his first solo endeavor failed, he took a chance, and then quickly got himself back on his feet afterwards. Yet his ambitions always had a place for Rory, even when he wanted her to move to San Fransisco he had looked into places that she could chase her dreams as well.

6. He respected her relationship with Lorelai:

Dean was always the one that Lorelai liked the most, and judging from a moms point of view I can see why, he was safe. Jess was the type of guy that every mother would  be scared of because of unpredictability and the lack of respect. But Logan striked the fear of god into Lorelai, Rory changed the most when she was with Logan and that scared her (can’t blame her). But, Logan always respected Rory’s close relationship with her mother and time and time again did what he could to ease Lorelai’s mind. He was the only boyfriend that treated her with the most respect, and never tried to undermine her as Rory’s mother. He in fact, always did the opposite, trying to include Lorelai in as much as he could, and also giving the greatest respects when asking Lorelai for Rory’s hand in marriage.

7. He challenged Rory:

Through their entire relationship, Logan pushed Rory to be her best, he tested her limits and challenged her intellectually. He was exactly what Rory needed, he was never afraid to ask her tough questions and really make her think about the things that she really wanted. Logan helped make Rory fearless.

8. He made grand gestures:

When you have unlimited money at your disposal you can pretty much make any grand gesture you want, and Logan mostly nailed them. I mean come on… he hired a coffee cart! But the one that stuck out in my mind was when he wasnt trying to impress Rory, it was when she needed him most. When Richard was in the hospital, he dropped everything and took a private plane to get back to her as quickly as he could.

9. He Changed!:

This I believe is that biggest reason that I might be slightly swayed to the side of Team Logan. At the beginning, yes, Logan was quite the jerk, he was the typical immature rich kid; but by the end he was a totally different person. He lived through his immature days, but in the end realized that Rory was his end goal, living a life with her and supporting her was his new ambition. He needed to go through everything he went through to understand what he really wanted in life, and NO he did not cheat on her.

He treated Rory the best, by the end he always made time for her, and wanted to move forward with their lives together. Logan loved Rory for everything she was, and never once wanted her to change for him, he in turn changed for her; but not out of force, it was because she made him want to be a better man.

Logan had a charm about him that was hard to deny. He lived life on the edge and in turn was the perfect counterpart to Rory, he wanted her to live life to the fullest, and I personally believe she needed that push. He supported her in everything that she did and if Rory was to end up with Logan at the end of the Gilmore Girls revival, I would be one of the fans who would love that, doesn’t he also deserve a happy ending? I think that is what people forget the most, Logan was the one who had his heart-broken… not Rory.

New photo for ‘Gilmore Girls’ makes us feel all the emotions

Just recently, a new photo was released, teasing a major moment in the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival, which is coming to Netflix on November 25th.

In the photo, we see the three Gilmore women standing in a cemetery, and we all know why they are there. Their beloved husband, father and grandfather, Richard Gilmore, played by the late Edward Hermann has passed away. You can see the photo below:

Image result for gilmore girls

This is obviously a massive moment in terms of the show. The Gilmore Girls, are three of the strongest and most independent women on television; yet the one thing that could make them crumble has happened…they lost their pillar. It is without question, that the revival will be focussing a lot on how they cope with such a tragedy, and how it will either hurt or strengthen their relationships with one another.

This particular photo could possibly play near the beginning of the four episode revival, while we learn what has happened, or it could be at the end of their first year without Richard. The first year is the hardest, going through all the major holidays, so this could be at the end, when they are starting to come out of their grief.

Its going to be an emotional, yet wonderful four episodes, and I for one, along with every other Gilmore Girls fan is anxiously awaiting the release date for the new episodes.

Image result for gilmore girls

Gilmore Girls shares new photo of Luke and Lorelai

Gilmore Girls fans have been anxiously awaiting for the revival to hit Netflix, so even just for a day, we can experience new episodes of a favourite show, while drinking coffee and eating a Danish of course. And although we have finally got the release date, being November 25th, there is still the small things that fans have been looking forward too.

Right from the start, fans were carefully watching for each and every update, whether it be actor announcements or teases of the plot, every small thing we can latch onto, we have. And this photo is no different, they have released yet another photo of Luke and Lorelai for us to fawn over, and begin the crazy speculations with. It shows the two, sitting in a familiar movie theatre, with Lorelai on her phone looking quite frantic and Luke looking at her. You can see the photo below:

So what does it mean? Begin predictions now!

My initial reaction to this photo, is Lorelai looks like she got some pretty shocking news, not many things make her get a face like that. But when thinking back on the original series, I remember a few moments in which she received phone calls that made her look to Luke for immediate support. One, being the times that she got the calls that her father, Richard Gilmore, had, had a heart attack and was in the hospital; and two, anything to do with Rory’s safety… so her being in a car accident or when she stole a boat.

Thinking of those moments, my initial reaction was that maybe this is a scene in which she receives the most dreaded phone call anyone can receive, and that is about her father, who we know will not be in the revival due to Edward Hermann’s passing. They have shared multiple times, that his memory will be honored and this revival will be focussing a lot, on how the three Gilmore women are able to process, cope and eventually recover from the family pillar passing away. There are going to be some major tears being shed throughout this revivial I’m sure.

The other theories in regards to this photo, is something has happened to Rory, she is in trouble or has called her mother frantic about something. Or there is even the possibility that Rory called Lorelai, looking to talk to Luke, which is why she might be shocked and he is pointing to himself. There is a very real possibility that this photo was meant to mislead us, and in the show itself it will be a light humorous moment, and nothing dramatic at all.

We will be able to find out for sure on November 25th, when the revival is officially out on Netflix and we can binge all four episodes in one day.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Trailer


The official theatre release date is getting closer and closer now, and Harry Potter fans all around the world are getting more excited to be sitting in the crowded theatres, watching a film set in the Harry Potter Wizarding World once again. It is a nostalgic moment, yet at the same time, wonderful, because we will be experiencing an entirely new story.

This is presumably the final trailer that will be released in the lead up to the new film, but they have done a very good job keeping the interest of fans in the anticipation for this one. Newt Scamander, played by the extremely talented Eddie Redmayne, as we know has been expelled from Hogwarts, and has taken his fascination of magical creatures to New York City. But there, his magical case is opened and some creatures escape, allowing muggles or ‘no mag’ as said in America, to experience the secret side of the world they live in.

This particular trailer gives a few more glimpses into the film, teasing the fans with some sights of new creatures that we will be introduced too; one in particular being an adorable fuzzy little creature, that appears for only a moment, but that enough has caught my attention on the new creatures that we will be experiencing in the new films.

The film will be hitting theatres November 18 2016, so there is still a couple of months left of anticipation and excitement. What are you most excited to see in the new story?


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Official Trailer




Gilmore Girls first look and date announcement

The Gilmore Girls is officially coming back, and today Netflix revealed the first look at the four-part revival.

It begins with a look at the town, showing beloved places such as Luke’s, the Dragonfly Inn and Town Square before ending at the Gilmore girls charming house; and showing a funny, quick quitted scene with Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) while sitting in a familiar kitchen eating pop tarts and drinking coffee.

It is like it says in the trailer, “Seasons may change… but some things… never will”.

But the most exciting news that came from the short promo, is that Netflix has finally released the official premiere date of the revival. November 25 2016. So not too much longer to wait until fans can watch the Gilmore Girls back in action. You can watch the video below:

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Comic Con Trailer


The new trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, was revealed at Comic Con this weekend, and it is pure magic. Eddie Redmayne, who plays Newt Scamander in the film, arrives in 1926 New York, with a briefcase filled with magical creatures under his protection; and of course they get released into the human world.

“We?re going to recapture my creatures before they get hurt. They?re currently in alien terrain, surrounded by the most vicious creatures on the planet: humans.”

I love those lines. I am a massive fan of the Harry Potter world, but I have been slightly skeptical of this new film, until this trailer. I like that it looks to be addressing the flaws in human beings, much like the original series did, but this one seems to be taking it to a deeper level. Really exploring what humans in general can be capable of when they are afraid of things they don’t understand. And with magical creatures being the things they are afraid of, it would only make sense to think that there will be some underlying tone of animal rights, which I love.

This movie looks like it will be filled with action, adventure and a lot of familiar magic that the world has been missing for quite some time.

The movie will hit theatres on November 18 2016.

Sherlock Season 4 Trailer


Every season of Sherlock has amped up its game just a little more than the last, and the fourth season looks to be no different. This trailer reveals just how dark they are intending to go with the story, and from the looks of things, there may be a loss somewhere along the way.

During their panel at the San Diego Comic con, which welcomed Sherlock himself, Benedict Cumberbatch, along with Amanda Abbington, co-creators Mark Gatis and Steven Moffat, as well as produce Sue Vertue.

Its starts off with a familiar face… Moriarity, played by Andrew Scott, who even though he may be gone (maybe?) has left a plan in place. One that may be more dangerous than anything Sherlock has faced before; which could explain why Sherlock looks like a broken man by the end of the trailer. “Something is coming”.

The words “Everyone they know is under threat” appear in the video, as well as the mention of Sherlock’s demons. A new villain is coming after Sherlock and the people he cares about. The new season isn’t set to debut until sometime in 2017, so there is still a little bit of a wait, but this trailer makes every fan know that it is going to be well worth the wait.